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Time To Spool Up High-Percentage Spring Baits

Time To Spool Up High-Percentage Spring Baits For spring multi-species fishing success, don’t launch the boat or walk the shore without these four high-percentage baits – lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and swimming grubs. Each of these baits, this time of year, are very effective and easy to use for bass, walleye and pike, says Mark Fisher, Rapala’s Director of Field Promotions. Use them to target points, coves, shoreline cover, emergent vegetation, old weeds and new weeds. “All those things are keys to putting the puzzle together in the springtime and make your fishing successful,” he says. The most productive spots will likely be transition zones between one or more of the lake features above – where submerged vegetation makes way for reeds and bullrushes, for example, where shoreline gravel transitions to … Read entire article »

Fish VMC Hot Skirts For Cold-Water’ Opener ‘Eyes

Al Lindner: Fish VMC Hot Skirts For Cold-Water’ Opener ‘Eyes A frequent volunteer guide in the Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener, angling legend Al Lindner is used to loading his boat with a little bit of everything, just in case. But this year’s packing list looks a bit ridiculous. “Last I heard, the guides are responsible for bringing their own ice augers!” Lindner says, only half-kidding. After a long, cold winter followed by early April snowstorms, fishing on the May 10 Opener could be a chilly challenge. “We’ve still got a chance for a lot of things to change, but it’s got to change very fast,” Lindner says. “I think this one is going to be one for the record books. I’m quite certain we’re going to be dodging a lot of ice cubes … Read entire article »

Youth Camps Offer Advanced Outdoor Skills, Conservation

Discovering advanced outdoor skills and conservation techniques, all in the wild grandeur of the Montana Rockies, is just part of the charm of four new youth camps offered by the Wild Sheep Foundation and Boone and Crockett Club. Another charm: The camps are free for selectees. “Thanks to sponsor Midway USA, the Wild Sheep Foundation is matching grants from partners who are interested in providing a unique learning experience for young people,” said Gray Thornton, president and CEO of the Wild Sheep Foundation. Thornton said different chapters of his organization are organizing activities such as essay contests and conservation projects as a way to award camp spots to selected youths. Middle- and high-school students are eligible. The outdoor adventure camps, slated June 2-6, 9-13, 23-27 and Aug. 18-22, 2014, were … Read entire article »

Picking in Mother Nature’s Garden

Springtime is when Mother Natures Garden starts to grow and mature. Unlike other gardeners, Mother Nature does not see the need to plant her garden in nice neat rows like we do. When gardeners see weeds and grasses growing in their garden, out comes the how, not Mother Nature as she has the right plan, allowing all anything and everything to grow in her garden. Morel Mushrooms are like Perch which swim found in large schools as once you locate one morel, generally, there should be more close by. (Dustin Lutt Photo) It will not be long before hunters can hit the field, sandbars and wooded areas and not wear camo, or worry about scent proofing themselves, without a gun and still bring home something for dinner. It’s morel and asparagus picking time in the … Read entire article »

GFP Honors Regional Habitat Partners

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) has selected four individuals to be recognized as Regional Habitat Partners of the Year. Private landowners from around the state are nominated by GFP staff based on how they use available state and federal programs to improve habitat on their land, create innovative habitat efforts and demonstrate leadership in promoting habitat development and partnerships. The award recognizes individuals who have established and enhanced habitat for fish and wildlife in South Dakota. The 2014 regional award recipients are: West Region: Clifford Poss, Philip Central Region: Larry Kindopp, Sioux Falls Southeast Region: Del Ochsner, Alpena Northeast Region: Dennis Skoog, Milbank “These award recipients are great examples of the many private partners our department relies on to ensure that South Dakota’s wildlife resources remain strong for years … Read entire article »

Pheasants Forever Winter Habitat Conditions

Two factors are of critical importance to maintaining healthy pheasant populations: weather and available habitat. While these elements affect pheasants year-round, they’re highlighted annually as the harshest season comes to an end and pheasants begin their next reproductive cycle. A tough winter can certainly result in bird mortality, but the real key is getting healthy and strong hens into spring nesting season. Healthy hens lead to larger clutches of eggs, which adds up to more chicks headed toward autumn. Generally speaking, the winter of 2013-2014 was toughest on pheasants and pheasant habitat in the Great Lakes region where heavy snows and bitter cold made for a long winter that continues despite the calendar turning to spring. Meanwhile, the Dakotas experienced a relatively mild winter, while the lack of snow accumulation … Read entire article »

SD GF&P proposal would change Archery Deer Season dates

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission made several big game season proposals, including Archery Deer and all elk, during their March meeting. The GFP Commission received a petition to adjust the Archery Deer Season dates to begin on the second Saturday of September and end on December 31. This would be a change from beginning on the fourth Saturday and ending on January 15. Final action on the Archery Deer season dates will take place at the April Commission meeting and additional information will follow at that time. For your comments to be included in the public record, you must include your full name and city of residence. Comments must be received by 10 am CDT, April 3. The Commission also finalized season dates for most of the … Read entire article »


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As the weather warms up, my friends and I start looking for opportunities to get on the water. They are avid bass fishermen, and whether screaming around in bass boats or slowly paddling open bow kayaks, they love to hunt the big mouths. While I definitely enjoy boat rides of all varieties, I’ve never had the same passion for bass fishing that they have. It seems too complicated and I feel like I have to talk loud and wear shirts that advertise Berkeley products to be taken seriously. Given a choice, I’d rather go fly fishing. Keep in mind, though, this doesn’t mean I’m any good at fly fishing. When I was in my teens, I got a fly rod for my birthday. Before hitting … Read entire article »

Q&A: Non-Toxic Shot Applications… The Readers Side Of Things

I get letters, phone calls, e-mails, and Face Book visits all the time. Almost always the subjects are gun or ammo related, and I do always try to help, or get help for the individual regarding their question when I don’t have the answer. It is with that short piece of information that I will proceed to set to print some of these reader questions. In general for every question that crosses my desk there are one pile of guys interested in the same area of shooting. So, with that here are the concerns illustrated by Wildfowl readers in general. Question? L.P. I have a Remington Model 870 that I am thinking about having custom chokes installed in. Can you give me a good starting point … Read entire article »