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Too much Good thing Can Be Bad

A warm sunny day can bring a lot of warmth to people, especially those of us who long to be outdoors after a long cold winter. I know you have heard the old saying “too much of anything is not good for you!” That holds true when it comes to spending too much time in the sun. Sure, a good tan looks nice, but there is a thin line between a tan and skin cancer. If you do not take some precaution too much sun can a life-changing event. It is a no brainer, as too much sun can and will lead to skin cancer! I know what you are saying; skin cancer is something others get but not me. Do not believe it, because it can happen to anyone at any age. When a patient … Read entire article »

NRA Publications is pleased to announce the debut of its newest web property, NRA Family

NRA Publications, your leading source for news and information about firearm ownership and the shooting sports, is pleased to announce the debut of its newest web property: NRA Family ( NRA Family, previously known as NRA Family InSights (, is a free website updated daily with articles, blogs, videos and news. NRA Family is designed to cater to the unique needs of American families that own guns, with realistic how-to advice on topics such as safe firearm storage, introducing new shooters and hunters to the sports, outdoor family destinations and entertainment, personal protection tips, historical firearms and figures, gun and gear reviews, news for NRA families, Olympic shooting sports and more. “NRA Family was created to serve the millions of NRA families in America,” states Doug Hamlin, Executive Director of NRA … Read entire article »


Across North America, we’re in the dead middle of summer. Fishing can be good, or it can be tough. If it’s tough though, it generally doesn’t need to be. There are some things we can do to catch more fish right now. Following are some of those things. Many of us have a tendency to fish memories. Maybe a month ago in mid-June, we were catching walleyes on jigs in shallow water, or we were catching crappies near logs along shorelines, or we were catching largemouth bass in the rushes all day long. Now in the end of July or August, we’re fishing those fish in those same places using the same techniques and our success isn’t so good. It’s not because the fish aren’t biting, it’s because they’re probably not … Read entire article »

ANGLERS, SDGF&P wants your input…

Dear Angler, The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission recently proposed new rules in response to Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) concerns. These rules are designed to slow the spread of AIS to additional water bodies in South Dakota. Outlined below, are the proposed new rules and we want to hear what you think of them prior to the GFP Commission meeting on March 5-6, 2015, in Pierre. The proposed new rules would require you as an angler or boater to: 1.  Drain all livewells and remove all plugs from boats when leaving a body of water. Anglers would be required to remove all drain plugs when leaving waters or properties managed by GFP or other government agencies. 2.  Require those who transport harvested fish or bait (in water) to use no more … Read entire article »

Dakota Territory Gun Collector Assc Gun Show in Sioux Falls, SD This Weekend

The Dakota Territory Gun Collector Assc Gun Show in Sioux Falls, SD this weekend. February 14-15 at the Ramkota. Be sure to make plans to attend this excellent show, something for everybody!! See you there… PS pick up your FREE copy of The Outdoorsmen Magazine at the door! … Read entire article »

More Gun Control is NOT the Answer…

Gary Howey   There are Americans that want more and more gun control, some want to take our second amendment right, “The Right to Bear Arms” way from us. With all of the crazy things that are going on in the world, this would be exactly what terrorists, thieves and those unstable individuals would love. If the public is disarmed, it makes it a lot easier for these individuals to go about doing whatever they want. Many of these anti-gun fanatics are those elected congressional officials in Washington, DC. the people that run our country and have no clue when it comes to guns and the thousands of gun laws we currently have. These people are surrounded by security personnel armed to the teeth, yet preaching anti-gun rhetoric. I hear so-called news media screaming bloody murder … Read entire article »

Enjoy Eagles and Bagels at Oahe Downstream Recreation Area

PIERRE, S.D. – Visitors to the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area near Fort Pierre will have the opportunity to learn about the park’s winter residents and enjoy a snack on the 13th Annual Eagles and Bagels Walk in the Park on Saturday, Feb. 7. “This is a good opportunity for participants to get out and enjoy our South Dakota winter and view our nation’s bird – the Bald Eagle,” said Pat Buscher, Oahe Downstream district supervisor. Program attendees will learn about eagles from a program presentation and then have the opportunity to view and ask questions about the bald eagles on a guided walk. The program will begin at 9 a.m. CST at the Oahe Downstream group lodge. Information will be presented highlighting eagles, their habitat, and tips and proper conduct for viewing and … Read entire article »

3 reasons why South Dakota should be on travelers’ 2015 bucket list:

3 reasons why South Dakota should be on travelers’ 2015 bucket list: Head to Western South Dakota for… 1) Milestone Anniversaries – Experience history in the making as South Dakota celebrates the tradition of two commemorative events. 50th Anniversary of Custer State Park’s Buffalo Roundup: 2015 marks a half-century for the annual event, taking place on September 25, 2015, in which park rangers and cowboys round up the park’s 1,300 bison. More than 14,000 spectators attend each year to take in the thrilling experience and enjoy the fun festivities surrounding the roundup. 75th Anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Join an expected one million bikers at this legendary event in Sturgis as they enjoy music, food, bike demos and more August 3-9, 2015. 2) Outdoor Adventure for Families and Thrill-Seekers – With six national and … Read entire article »

SD Nonresident Waterfowl License Work Group Holds First Meeting

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) has formed a work group to review and discuss the future of license allocations for nonresident waterfowl hunters in South Dakota. The work group consists of the following members: Representative Dick Werner, Representative Spencer Hawley, Senator Bill Van Gerpen, Chuck Dieter, Chris Hesla, Norb Barrie, Larry Steffen, GFP Commissioner Gary Jensen and GFP Commissioner Paul Dennert. The first of a series of meetings was held Dec. 29, 2014, in Pierre discussing the history of the season’s license allocations as well as information on license and hunter distribution. Future meetings will be held in Fort Pierre on Feb. 2 and March 2, 2015, in which members will discuss ideas as well as suggestions received from the public. Efforts from the work group will conclude with assisting … Read entire article »

Better Bite Detection In Deep Water How to put more suspended basin crappies on the ice this winter

Better Bite Detection In Deep Water How to put more suspended basin crappies on the ice this winter By Steve Pennaz One of the best ways to catch crappies during mid-winter is to head for deeper basin areas. Depending on the type of lake, crappies will either suspend in these areas or stay glued to the bottom. The depths we’re talking about can vary from 15 to 50 feet of water. Oxygen and food availability play a huge part. In the best case scenario, your flasher or graph will light up with crappies cruising the middle of the water column. These fish could be feeding on anything from microscopic organisms to minnows. When they’re eating minnows, nuance isn’t such a big part of the game. Simply drop a jig and one-inch Gulp! Minnow and … Read entire article »